Colorado and El Paso County

Constitution Day
September 17 is Constitution Day. It is the day on which our Federal Government has mandated that public schools
across the country must set aside time to educate students about the Constitution ((118 Stat. 3344) Dec. 8, 2004
Public Law 108-447 Sec. 111 Division J – SEC. 111 (b)) If you feel like me, then help me get the word out to every concerned person or group.
This is not a partisan pitch. This is an opportunity to come together. Libertarian, Democrat, Republican or other
does not make a difference. Anyone so inclined is encouraged to participate.

Materials are available, but not necessary. Liberty Lives Forever makes available Constitution booklets with
teaching materials (mini-flash cards are included). The booklets cost $1 each, plus shipping. But do not let cost
interfere. You do not need anything but a willing desire to educate our future about our most fundamental
document, the Constitution. This is about education not money. This is about citizenship, not a materials company.
So get in touch with your school and see what they are doing and what you can do. Encourage participation by
schools and citizens.

You may talk directly with the Colorado State organizer Andy MCKean at 636-244-0652 for more information